Pacific Northwest

Bio: Ed Decker is an active commentator, author, speaker and International Director of Saints Alive in Jesus. He is a former Mormon who spent almost twenty years of his life as a member of the “Holy Melchizedek” priesthood, a “Temple Mormon” and active in many areas of leadership in local LDS churches. Ed became a born-again Christian in 1975 when he discovered the real love of God in Christ. Ed dedicated his life to exposing the cults and helping those caught up in them to know the grace of Jesus. Ed Decker is the co-author of the best selling book, The God Makers, which has become a classic document on the subject of Mormonism and Fast Facts on False Teaching which studies many different cults, Decker’s Complete Handbook on Mormonism, and most recently My Kingdom Come, The Mormon Quest for Godhood. Ed mixes humor, his zeal for souls and biblical truths in teaching the simplicity of that gospel once given for all time. Ed has carefully researched and authored numerous studies and booklets on cults including, To Moroni, With Love!, The Question of Freemasonry, Understanding Islam and The Word Became Flesh, which was published by the American Bible Society and is a compilation of scriptures revealing the beauty, power and simplicity of the real gospel. Ed, a retired pastor, is 79 years old, married to Carol, father of 7, grandfather of 10 and great grandfather of 5. He is also an avid fly fisherman.

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