Pacific Northwest

Bio: Ed Decker is a retired pastor, author, speaker, and founder of Saints Alive Ministries. Ed is full of zest for life and love for people. All people! He is 86 years old, married to the love of his life, Carol, for 53 years, Father of 8, Grandpa of 10, and the great-grandpa of 7. He has published numerous articles in both the Christian apologetics genre and his personal reflections while growing old in the slow lane. Ed uses the pseudonym Old Ned in much of his writing. He loves the Lord, His Family, and his Friends. He considers everyone he knows a friend. He has written extensively on Orthodox Christianity and World Religions and many novels, including Hotel Hope, a mystery story centered in South Chicago. He will be soon publishing his newest book, Sons of Thunder, a South American spy story. His blog, Old Ned's Blog, is almost uploaded for public use. It is a compilation of his many published articles dealing with life from a humorous point of view.

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