The Movie, The Shack..Beware!

The Shack. A blessing or a curse?

Ed Decker

It shocks me to see churches and ministries promoting a film called The Shack.

I have received more than a dozen notes from Christian friends, Churches and ministries, encouraging me to see this wonderful, delightful, gentle, tender, faith-building, family oriented film about death and life and hope. It is even being promoted by a few of my Facebook Friends.

And I just listed a few of the adjectives they included in the rave reviews. I did note, however, that every one of the notes, emails, text messages had a common word. That word was BUT.

“I know that the film presents an unorthodox, but.. [Ed: read unbiblical]

But it is so wonderful that people find their relationship with God in it. But it helps us understand death and God’s love for us…. But it lets me know that I am going to be with a loving God when I die. But, but, but.. The list is as different as the churches and people who have been telling me it is a must see.

Friends, Choose your faith based films very carefully.

This film teaches [yes, in a gentle and heartwarming way] a false god, a false Jesus, a false salvation, a false hope in a salvation for all.

Satan is not going to come to you looking like a 14 foot, fire-breathing frog. He is going to come as an angel of light, even as the scripture warns.

I am keeping this very simple. Just in the very basics, without doing a line-by-line correction, here are three demonic teachings that will lead to hell.

The Shack offers you another god who, in this case is an ancient Polynesian goddess.

It portrays a different Jesus who is not fully God. And the theological base of its doctrine is a Universalist Salvation. A happy Heaven.For everyone.

I have dozens of scriptural support for what I say here. If you are confused and unsure that this film is teaching a sugar coated false gospel, email me and I will give you the many scriptures that prove I am telling the hard truth here. The gospel of Christ is simple enough that I can tell you this.

It is in the blood of Christ.

Either you are covered by it or you are not.

Either you are saved or you are not. Jesus made it clear when he said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

To the Ministry Leaders and Church Pastors who have encouraged their followers to see this marvelous film, I say repent.

You have lost the zeal for the truth of God and His Holy Word and treasure the world more than heaven.   You have fallen for the new Age Christian philosophy of never offending anyone with a call for repentance of sin. You have bowed to the god of this world.

What of the millions of untaught believers who have read this book or seen the film and then slide comfortably back to their sin lives? Who will be accountable to God for their loss?

If you cannot divide the Word and preach truth to your people, enjoy your many worldly blessings because they will not be with you at the Judgment seat of God.



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